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Waiting until January to file for divorce? Do these things now

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Divorce |

Are you waiting until after the holiday season is over to file for divorce? You’re far from alone. People make this decision for all kinds of reasons – but it’s often because they’re either giving their marriage one last chance or they don’t want to ruin anybody’s holidays (including their own).

If divorce is even remotely a possibility – or a definite – in the coming year, do yourself a favor: Spend some time putting your affairs in order so you can get a head start on the process. This means:

Get counseling

Whether you are at peace with your decision or not, the upcoming months can be emotionally taxing. You may not know exactly who in your friend group you can trust – and you need someone as a sounding board. Start building your support network now with a therapist’s help.

Get your financial records in order

A huge part of the divorce process involves dividing up the marital assets, the marital debts and setting issues of support. You’re going to need financial records to make the process smoother. Start collecting tax returns for the last couple of years, bank statements, investment records, copies of credit card statements, car titles and property deeds now.

Get new digital accounts

Couples often share their passwords and access each other’s digital accounts. You won’t want that intrusion on your privacy once you file for divorce. Establish new emails and social media accounts now so that you can put them into use when it’s time.

Seek legal guidance

Even if you’re not ready to file, it’s not too early to start talking to an attorney. This gives you a chance to discuss your divorce options, get a better picture of the process and decide what additional steps you need to take to protect your future.