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There’s no such thing as a get-sober-quick trick 

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

Imagine someone out drinking with friends. A few hours roll by and everyone has had their fair share of drinks, so now it’s time to go home. This person drove to the bar, but their BAC is above 0.08% and now they can’t drive home – yet, their friend has this great solution to get sober quickly that works all the time.

People talk about ways to quickly get sober all the time, but the truth is that nearly all of them are myths. The following are a few you should watch out for:

A cold water and hot coffee combo

It’s often believed that splashing cold water on your face or showing in cold water helps sober people up. Likewise, a hot cup of coffee in the system wipes away all feelings of being drunk. Sadly, neither of these solutions holds any scientific evidence

It’s more likely that cold water and coffee raise people’s awareness but, as long as there’s alcohol in their system, the feeling of alertness won’t last. Even if someone feels alert, that doesn’t mean their driving demonstrates that feeling. A person’s driving may be just as bad, if not worse than before if they decide to drink coffee, or any other caffeinated drink, to mitigate alcohol.

A quick nap to refresh and sober up

One of the best ways to get sober is to simply let time pass, preferably, after sleeping. That doesn’t mean someone will sober up quickly, and a short nap won’t likely do any help. Alcohol can last in the body as long as three days. How long it takes someone to sober up all depends on their body weight, water intake, food consumption and metabolism. 

Taking a friend’s advice may end up costing you tons of fines and incarceration without the right legal help. If you made a mistake, don’t face your drunk driving charge alone.