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3 signs your custody and visitation orders may need revisiting

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Child Custody |

In Georgia, family courts prioritize the child’s best interests in all divorce decisions. However, judges can get things wrong occasionally, leaving parents with child custody orders that do not function well. Other times, families simply outgrow their initial arrangements. 

Fortunately, lawmakers understand how needs can change and allow parents to seek custody modifications in certain situations. If it seems as though complying with your court orders has become unduly complicated or frustrating, it might be time for some changes. Here are some potential warning signs:

1. Creates logistical challenges

In practice, what appears promising in theory may falter. Scheduling conflicts, lengthy travel between homes, and school commitments can disrupt plans that initially seem ideal, affecting children and adults.

2. Restricts the children

As kids mature, their needs naturally change, sometimes rendering even well-crafted arrangements useless. For example, older kids may crave more independence and feel overly constrained by existing orders. Ideally, child custody schedules should try to account for everyone’s schedule fairly, while accounting for the child’s needs.

3. Presents challenges for parents

Post-divorce, you and your co-parent’s lives will progress, and you may encounter fresh opportunities. Your efforts to take on a new career or devote more time to your kids could be stalled by an inefficient custody plan.

Word of caution

When judges revisit child custody orders, they look at the whole picture again to safeguard the child’s best interests. That means there is a chance that your bid for modifications could fail or even compromise your current share of parenting time.

Someone familiar with Georgia’s custody procedures can help with your petition, potentially improving your odds of success.