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Conduct that could jeopardize your custody case

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2023 | Child Custody |

Divorce can be an emotionally trying process, especially when custody proceedings are at the center of a couple’s split. Nonetheless, it is important to try and remain as calm as possible despite the stress. After all, the family court is going to be focused on the best interests of the child and your temperament as a parent is a part of facilitating this reality.

Outlined below are some forms of conduct that should be avoided as they have the potential to jeopardize your case.

A lack of preparation

Preparation is key in any legal case, and custody proceedings are no exception. For example, if your intention is to show that your child performs better at school when living with you, you may want to bring school reports and even a statement from the child’s teacher. Without evidence, the court may have to take one parent’s word over the other’s, and you risk losing out in this scenario.

Disobeying court orders

In some cases, it may be necessary for the court to impose temporary custody orders until a matter is fully resolved. You may not agree with the terms of such orders, but you cannot go against them. All custody orders are legally binding. You cannot withhold parenting time from the other parent because you don’t agree with the terms of the arrangement, for example. The only exception to this may be if you can reasonably demonstrate that the child would have been in immediate danger if you had complied.

Your image as a parent is vital during custody proceedings. Your conduct in the courtroom and outside will come into play. To help assert your parental rights, it can truly benefit you to have experienced legal guidance on your side.