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Preparation is key: 2 things to consider before divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Divorce |

In all likelihood, you and your spouse entered the relationship with the best of intentions. You probably expected to be together for the long haul. The sad reality is that many marriages don’t work out. 

Divorce has been on the horizon for a while now and it’s inevitable. Even if you and your spouse are still on relatively good terms, it’s still important to prepare yourself. A lack of preparation could result in you obtaining a settlement that is unfair. Outlined below are two things to keep in mind:

Your living arrangements 

Sometimes, a marriage breaks down to the point that spouses can no longer stand the sight of each other. This often leads to one person moving out. It’s important to consider the impact this may have on your divorce settlement. Moving out could affect your rights to the family home or have a negative impact on custody decisions, so consider this carefully.

Your finances 

It’s also important to establish exactly what you own and what you owe. If you have joint debts, then you and your spouse are likely to be jointly obligated to pay them upon divorce. In terms of joint property, the court will typically divide it equitably. If you have separate property that you owned prior to the marriage, then it’s important to prove this. If your spouse owes debts that you knew nothing about, then you’ll also need to explain this thoroughly to the court. 

Another vital preparatory step for divorce is seeking legal guidance. This will help ensure that your rights are upheld and you leave the marriage with a fair settlement.