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You cannot bring marijuana into Georgia

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Drug Charges |

As you likely know, marijuana is illegal in Georgia. It is a controlled substance, just like narcotics or other illegal drugs. There are exceptions for low-dose medical patients, but recreational use is not allowed.

There was a time when all states followed this general rule. However many states are now adopting more progressive policies that decriminalize marijuana or even legalize it entirely. This makes it possible for people to go to the store and purchase marijuana products, and it’s really no different than going to a corner store and buying alcohol. This is how marijuana is now viewed in places like Colorado, Michigan and Illinois, and more states join those ranks every few years.

Some people consider taking a trip to one of these states where marijuana is legal, purchasing multiple products, and then returning to Georgia. They believe that this skirts the law because it is a legal purchase. But there still could be some serious criminal ramifications.

2 things to consider

First and foremost, even if marijuana is purchased legally, it is still illegal under the laws in Georgia. Once a person crosses back into the state, they could still be arrested, even if they have a receipt from a legal purchase. The police will not care that it was legal in another state.

Secondly, the federal government does still classify marijuana as an illegal controlled substance. Anyone who crosses state lines violates federal laws. This is true, once again, even if the initial purchases were made legally. Transportation can still be highly illegal.

If you find yourself facing charges, they can have a serious impact on the rest of your life. Make sure you know exactly what legal defense options you have.