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DUI Sobriety Test Defense

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you will also be asked to submit to a chemical test — checking for the alcohol or drug content in your breath, blood or urine.

Pulled Over At A DUI/DWI Checkpoint?

The state of Georgia expects you to submit to these tests, using a principle called implied consent. This means that motorists tacitly agree to submit to testing when they are issued their licenses. The penalty for refusing to be tested is administrative suspension of your license — even if you are not convicted on the separate DUI charge.

Do Not Delay Seeking Legal Representation

From the moment you refuse the test, or submit to the test and register higher than the legal limit, you have 10 days before you lose your license. That is why it’s very important to hire a good Warner Robins DUI sobriety test defense attorney immediately after being arrested. It’s much easier to prevent a suspension than it is to undo one.

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Snatching Your Life Back From The DUI Brink

Once you are arrested, your life changes in many ways. Many people lose their license, have trouble getting to work and lose their jobs. Marriages and other relationships are put under great strain. You start thinking seriously about jail time.

Proud Of The Results We Have Obtained

DUI breath or blood test refusal is a very big deal. To fight this charge, you need the lawyer with the most experience you can find. My firm has successfully represented scores of persons facing DUI and Breathalyzer refusal charges. While every case is different, and while definitions of success vary, I am proud of the results I have obtained and the rights I have helped to protect.

Contact A Houston County Breath And Blood Test Refusal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with refusing a test after DUI arrest, or you know someone who has been charged, choose an attorney who focuses on breath and blood test refusal defense. Contact me online or call 478-225-4370 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.