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Protect Your Juvenile’s Rights And Future

As a Warner Robins juvenile law attorney, providing juvenile criminal defense is something I take very seriously. I know I am holding a young person’s future in my hands.

Juvenile offenders face the same criminal charges as adults. The only difference is that the accused is under 17 years of age. Instead of a criminal charge, the youth is charged with a delinquency. Instead of a regular court, he (or she) is tried in juvenile court where the customs, legal culture, penalties and language are different.

Underage Possession Of Alcohol And Illegal Drugs Is A Problem In Every Community

Regular criminal defense lawyers don’t always do well in juvenile cases. They may have a firm grasp of criminal defense, but they don’t get the “attitude” differences in the law that a juvenile lawyer needs to have. I have extensive experience as a juvenile lawyer, and I have that attitude.

Rabb Wilkerson Defends Juveniles Charged With Crimes

Most juvenile crimes in Georgia are property crimes like theft, carjacking, vandalism and arson. Many, such as underage drinking, result in moderate punishments like community service, probation or making restitution. But young people can find themselves charged with serious felonies. Such crimes are punished with time in Youth Detention Center (YDC) or a Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC). These are hard places.

If you have a child who has been charged, it is important to act quickly to protect him or her, by hiring a firm that offers youth defense as a focus area.

Get Legal Representation From Someone Who Understands The System

As you know, most kids don’t have a clue about the consequences of committing a crime. They just do a nutty, harmful thing without giving it much thought. They may know that the YDC and RYDC exist, and that they are not very nice places, but they don’t understand the long-term negative effects of serving time at such a place.

If you know a young person in this situation, I hope you will call me. I have spent many years in juvenile court. I know the system. I know how to help your child, and I sincerely want to help you. Please call me right away.

Contact A Houston County Juvenile Defense Attorney

If you have a son or a daughter who has been charged with an offense, it is important to choose an attorney experienced in juvenile law. Call 478-225-4370 or contact me online to discuss your case.