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Local Representation For Military Divorce In Warner Robins

There is nothing more personal than your relationship with your spouse and your children. When faced with a divorce, everything that matters most in your life is on the line. For military personnel and their families, there are additional issues at stake that must be properly addressed.

In Warner Robins, you can turn to me for the counsel and representation you need. I am Rabb Wilkerson, a local family law attorney who has been representing military families in family law cases for more than 25 years. Whether you are stationed at Robins Air Force Base or deployed elsewhere, I can help you protect your children, your finances and your military benefits.

Full-Service Divorce Representation For Service Members And Spouses

Divorce can touch nearly every aspect of your life. You can rely on me to handle all of your divorce-related family law issues, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Division of property
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders

I have experience resolving the legal issues that are unique to military divorce, including international child custody and division of retirement benefits under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA). Knowing that I have successfully handled similar cases can provide you with peace of mind during a troubling time.

Contact A Local Military Divorce Lawyer

I look forward to helping you protect your rights, your children and your finances. Call the Law Office of T. Rabb Wilkerson, III, P.C., at 478-225-4370 or contact me online to schedule a consultation.