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4 factors that may contribute to child custody decisions

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Child Custody |

Divorcing parents should put the needs of their children first. You want your kids to cope better with the divorce and to meet their needs as before, if not better. Child custody is a crucial subject, with both parents hoping for a favorable outcome. 

However, if you and your spouse can’t agree on major issues, you can seek the court’s assistance to make decisions. Below are four factors that may be considered:

Ability to take care of the child

The financial ability of the parents may be used to determine who will get which type of custody. A parent should be able to provide the child with food, clothing and other day-to-day needs. However, a judge may not use this factor exclusively to decide because the other parent may provide child support. 

Employment schedule

A judge may use the employment schedule of both parents to determine who will have the kid(s) at what time. Limitations that exist in a parent’s work may also be considered. Doing this ensures each parent gets enough parenting time in the event of joint custody. 

Knowledge or familiarity of a child and their needs

Children have needs that a parent who spends most of the time with them knows. A child’s needs should be met as before the divorce, especially for those who need special care. 

Stability of the parent

A parent’s mental and physical health may also be crucial in child custody decisions. Nonetheless, a parent may not be denied custody for disabilities like blindness or deafness.

Parents going through a divorce should submit a parenting plan to the court. However, if your ex-spouse is hostile, it will be best to understand your options to protect your parental rights.